Irrevocable Belief

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Directions For Confidential And Sealed Financial Supply Types

Provided there are sufficient funds obtainable, the Trustees are further authorized to distribute to a beneficiary who’s a baby or grandchild of the Grantor a portion of the principal of the trust for the purpose of creating that beneficiary in a business or career, supplied that beneficiary has attained the age of twenty-one years. Any such distribution shall be requested by the beneficiary in writing, and shall be accompanied by factual information essential to allow the Trustees to evaluate the feasibility of such funding. If the Trustees shall decide the proposed investment to be a possible one, the Trustees shall distribute such portions of the principal of the trust because the Trustees, in their sole discretion, deem desirable, but any such sum advanced to a beneficiary shall be a charge against that beneficiary’s trust estate. The Trustees shall not make any such development unless or till they are satisfied that the advancement might be used for that objective only. Any such sum superior to a beneficiary shall be a charge towards that beneficiary’s trust property. A. The Trustees shall distribute, at least yearly, in equal shares among the beneficiaries of the trust all or any a part of the net earnings of the trust for the comfort, support, training, maintenance, well being and welfare of the beneficiaries.

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